The Care Bear Men

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They came from the stars, after traveling far and wide; in search of a new planet they could call home. They heard of one such place where all of their kinky fantasies could come true every day and without hassle. Now the Care Bear Men have landed! Furry,  fuzzy, muscled, or large -  these guys come straight out of our childhood hearts. They may look sweet and innocent, but they've come to get down and dirty.  

tenderheart bear manTenderheart has a lot of muscles under his fur to protect that special spot. Don't let that fool you, though; because this bear is not to be messed with. Once the leather gear goes on, he can switch into beast mode and put you in your place. But this verse stud is also happy to drop to his knees if there's a more alpha stud around.  

Bedtime is a sexy little cub who loves the snuggles. That's the reward he'll get for being a good boy - and he's always eager to earn that reward. Tie him down and wear this young stud out. Put this boy in a sleepsack, a sling, or tied spread eagle to your bed and watch him take whatever you can dish out. This sub does his best work and is happiest when he's lying on his back. 

good luck bear manGood Luck is here to spread a little joy around - with his dick! He's a dirty, dom daddy - who, with a wink and a smile, will have you on your knees and submitting before you even realize it, you sub slut. This Ginger Bear is going to have his way with you.  

grumpy bear manGrumpy is hard to please. He has a high standard and is looking for the right boy to comply. He's a demanding dom who expects total obedience and devotion if you expect to make him happy. Even when he is, you won't know it. His cool, detached demeanor is hard to crack. Just get on your knees and do your best to please, boy! 

wish bear manWish had the strongest desire to leave their boring part of the cosmos in search of more - in search of a place he could delve into the dark corners of his perverted mind and experience all of the kink pleasures that he had denied for so long. When he heard about Planet Kink, he knew it was where he and his crew belonged. He comes off as sweet and shy when you first meet him, but this sub can pig out with the best of them when he feels free enough to cut loose.  

secret bear manSecret Boy might have just about the kinkiest mind of his space crew. He doesn't talk about it tho - he's one of those quiet ones to watch out for. His kinks run deep and wide - with the most taboo of the taboo and anything hidden gets his juices flowing - chastity, forced fem, and hardcore use and abuse are all fair game for this self-proclaimed fag on a mission. With his cock locked away, he doesn't get pleasure from playing with himself. His pleasure comes from taking cocks and pleasing yours.

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