About Us

Millions of light years away, nestled somewhere inside of the Black Eye Galaxy, lies a little planet that's home to those who left Earth and found a new home on a planet of their own creation - a planet where kink reigned supreme and was enjoyed by all. Soon, more and more would leave Earth to live out the rest of their true destinies on the uninhibited rock.They would roam the streets and go to work in their chaps and harness if they felt like it. With a largely gay population, Planet Kink, is the place where all of your wildest fantasies can come true. They are free to unleash the kink! 

From that planet we present to you the PLANET KINK brand apparel of t-shirts and tank tops that are all kink-focused for your everyday-wear, sleepwear, or bar-wear. Our t-shirts and tank tops are soft and comfortable; and our muscle tees are more classic and structured. Ultimately, we'd love to bring you other apparel and fetishwear. We hope you'll join us on our continuing journey to kinkify the universe!

Leather, BDSM, sports gear, military, suits, chastity, uniforms, underwear, and rubber are just part of this new world and will make their appearances over time in our designs or whatever else we come up with. Sign up for our newsletter and be informed every time new designs or promos are available.